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Pedigree of SolarMissle Coyote
ApHC stallion

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          Patchy Jr. F1380    
  Patch Yamini F1907  
  Little Coyote 10827   Wibluta f1680    
  Chief Chelsea F2154    
  Chief's Angel of Circle L    
  Coyote's Apache   30324 Dubois mare    
  199680   Sizzle Britches M F2112    
  Sizzle Road Runner 51460    
  PJ's Pet 189166   Fourmile Facsimile of Circle L 8174    
  The Leopard King F2088    
  King's Little Feather 51065    
  Solar Flair Eclat   Painted Feather F3500    
  372595   Mi Chubby AQHA    
  Chubby Pawnee T1434    
  Chub's Powderface 24129   Cookie    
  Flag F1882    
  Black Maggie    
  Angel Many Spots   Maggie    
  286199   Siri Sheik F1833    
  Pepper's Shamrock F4090    
  Moneycreek's Leopard Angel   Pepper Face T211    
  100356   Zebra Dun F1344    
  Black Angel 34800    
Solarmisile Coyote   Angels Shadow 399    
ApHC 503681   Prince Plaudit 55156  
CRHA   Prince Charles ApHC 95517    
SUNDANCE   Prince Aztec ApHC 225864   Show MarieAQHA    
    Triple Chick AQHA    
    Go Wampum Cash T343521 Bar Bridgett T94712 CRHA    
    T343521   Bridgette Britches T134220    
    Mansfield Comanche F3096  
  Cash's Blu Missile   Commanches Equal 3231    
  ApHC 431901   Loma    
    Equal Koko P.C. 257   Britches Heart AQHA    
    Edward Kokomo AQHA 116131    
    Winn's StickerAQHA  
    Gold Strikes Equal T44393  
  Gold Koko ApHC T117614  
  April's Gold T192254   Edward Kokomo AQHA  
    War Don 21774  
  Almost April ApHC 60059  
  S.H. Rocket Girl T365297   Patchy Jr's Smokey F4351  
    War Glory AQHA  
  War Don 21774  
  War Don's Keeko 87498   Dawndee T5393  
  Patchy Jr's Wanonshe F2266  
  Wanonshe's Keeko F4361 Keeko F1596


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