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Pedigree of Coyote's Lollipop

ApHC mare


        Patchy Yamini F1907
  Little Coyote 10827  
  C.W. Coyote II 278171   Chief's Angel of Circle L 30324
  Sizzle's Roadrunner 50460
  P J's Pet 189166  
  A Coyote Fourmile ApHC 392561   King's Little Feather 51065
  CRHA,SUNDANCE,AAFBI,   Chief of Fourmile F2219
  FAHR, TOBY   Chief of Fourmile II 8175  
  Cindy Fourmile J 237501   He-Tanga 1549  
  Shavonot 24233  
  Kim's Dungaree Doll 43079  
  Dun  quarter Mare  
Coyote's Lollipop   Rio Dinero CRHA259Z
ApHC 493678   Poco Dinero 53712  
FAHR 126   Dineros Four Feathers T164188 CRHA 582R Little Sheba CRHA 397J
  By Gone Star(TB)  
  Miss Sugar Time AQHA  
  Tiger Lily - Etta ApHC T298136   Miss BO4 AQHA  
  CRHA 2065  0   Triple Chick AQHA  
  Top Chick 96281  
  Topetta T52197  
  Chick A Rose 207051   Cooper's Tonto T6673
  Underhile Rose 11321  
  Stella Rock AQHA  


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